Our Process

Our Process

Laboratories can often be a difficult and demanding environment to work in for the science community when focusing on creating a safe and healthy workspace.

Providing a safe work environment can involve both the build of a completely new laboratory complex, or the partial upgrade of an existing facility. Aircare’s expertise in manufacturing a range of fume extraction equipment can provide a strong basis when building a new laboratory.

Fume extraction systems include fume cupboards and cabinets, scrubbers, and mobile extraction arms, combined with extraction ducting and fans. Aircare can commission the total system or if required we can supply and install specific parts only.

There are specific requirements that industrial extraction systems need to meet, for example having wet scrubbers to reduce the discharge of toxic fumes into the air.

Aircare thrives on solving complicated issues both in laboratories and the industrial sector. We create affordable and lasting solutions to the many different obstacles our customers are faced with.

Our process of designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning is welcomed by a wide range of customers, including architects, engineers, and end-users.

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