EcoSash® is an innovative device that dramatically improves the energy saving capability of a variable air volume (VAV) fume cupboard. A frequently selected option on new VAV fume cupboards, the EcoSash® Retrofit Kit offers similar energy savings for existing VAV fume cupboards – regardless of who manufactured them.

A VAV system reduces the exhaust of conditioned air through the fume cupboard at lower sash heights; however, the energy saving benefit accrues only if the operator remembers to lower the sash.

Ingeniously, EcoSash® “remembers” – it automatically lowers the sash door after a pre-set period of inactivity at the fume cupboard. With the EcoSash® system, energy savings are certain, not just possible. As an added bonus, EcoSash® enhances laboratory safety by always keeping the sash down when practical.

Retrofitting the Ecosash®

The Ecosash® is compatible with most brands of VAV-type fume cupboards, and the kit comes complete with all materials required for installation and configuration.

Adding an Ecosash® to your VAV system can improve laboratory efficiency and safety without the need to upgrade.

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Learn more about Ecosash® by watching the video below:

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