Fume Cupboard (CAV) with Scrubber

Fume Cupboard (CAV) with Scrubber

Aircare’s Perchloric Fume Cupboard and Scrubber uses a constant air volume (CAV) Labrocare® model fume cupboard combined with a wet scrubber mounted immediately above it to remove acidic particulates from the exhausting airstream.

Cleaning is accomplished as the contaminated air passes through the scrubber chamber which is filled with wet, high-surface-area, polypropylene packing material called Pall Rings. When the airstream encounters the sprayed in water flowing across the Pall rings, acidic particles are absorbed into the water. The water and the particulates drain down across the back of the fume cupboard baffles and into a sump beneath the work surface. From the sump, the spent water is either drained away as waste or recirculated by an optional recirculation system.

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Fume Cupboard with Scrubber
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