Labrocare® (CAV) Fume Cupboards

Labrocare® (CAV) Fume Cupboards

Designed for the professional laboratory, Aircare’s Labrocare® Fume Cupboard provides proven fume extraction technology, constant air volume (CAV), a wide range of sizes, and optional special features for demanding environments. The Labrocare® Fume Cupboard fully complies with AS/NZS 2243.8 (2014) standards.

Constant Air Volume fume cupboards have their exhaust fan set to a fixed speed, calculated to meet the minimum airflow demanded by the relevant
standards when the sash is at normal working height. Advanced Air® fume cupboards ensure 0.5 metres/second airflow when the sash is at the
recommended working height (normally 500mm). To prevent excessive air velocities through the sash opening when the sash is lowered, Labrocare®
CAV fume cupboards use an Air Bypass System, as shown in the diagram.

At the normal working height, incoming air flows in exclusively through the sash opening. As the sash is lowered, part of the airflow is drawn in through
the bypass inlet on top of the fume cupboard. The bypass prevents excessive velocity at the sash opening by providing a balanced airflow
into the fume cupboard. If the sash is opened above normal working height – 730mm is maximum – airflow at the sash will be reduced to an unsafe level.
Labrocare® fume cupboards provide a lock at normal working height. It serves as a barrier that must be disabled by the operator to raise the sash above 500mm; it automatically relocks when the sash is lowered.

Labrocare® Fume Cupboards
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The Labrocare® ‘R’ fume cupboard

The Labrocare® ‘R’ fume cupboard has been designed specifically with roading and asphalting contractors in mind. It offers a high level of protection and containment of hazardous chemicals at high temperatures.

This product is certified to the ASNZS2243.8 standards.

To accommodate for heavy duty materials and work conditions, this ‘R’ fume cupboard features an efficient extraction system, a reinforced work surface, a SS inner carcass, a sash made from toughened safety glass, and a split sash door system. CAV or VAV models, custom widths and depths to suit your workspace, and a scaffold system are just a few of the available options when ordering.

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Labrocare® Roading Fume Cupboards
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