Fume Extraction Equipment

Fume Extraction Equipment

Aircare can provide fume cupboards and fume extraction equipment that are part of the most effective laboratory fume management available.

Our constant product development and modern design have allowed for excellent market penetration across the tertiary, research, and industrial sectors.

Aircare was part of the introduction of ASNZS 224.8 (fume cupboards in laboratories) in the late 1980s, which allowed our fume cupboards to become a market leader in Australia.

Aircare’s Advanced Air brand now has a large number of products connected to the handling of toxic and dangerous fumes.

Fume Scrubber
ME Extractor Arm
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Fume Extraction Options

Fumex Extraction Arms

TPE’s Fumex range comprises a series of practical, reliable and durable extraction arms for use in laboratories.

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Horizontal Fume Scrubber

Smart product design that offers safety and reliability in the removal of hazardous and toxic fumes.

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Downdraft Table

Downdraft units exist to remove hazardous particulates and dust that result from laboratory work.

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Forensic Cabinet

A forensic fingerprint cabinet is essential in any SOCO laboratory.

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Wall Plenums

A wall plenum is a fume extraction unit, that draws air across a horizontal surface.

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