Surface Extraction Systems

Surface Extraction Systems

Downdraft units exist to remove hazardous dust that results from laboratory work. This can include anything from asbestos testing and seedling inoculations to forensic tasks, pollen handling, and weighing chemical powders.

It is essential that any downdraft units operate effectively and efficiently, protecting the operator and others working in the laboratory.

Aircare has created two downdraft units suited to this task.

Benchtop Extraction

The Laminair® Downdraft Unit

Aircare’s Laminair® Downdraft Unit is designed to protect the operator and the room environment from fine dusts that exist or may be generated from laboratory procedures. Hazardous dust can be associated with weighing chemical and mineral powders, handling pollens, asbestos testing, seedling inoculations, and various forensic tasks.

When operating the Laminair® unit room air is drawn into the front and downward through the perforated work surface tray, preventing dust particles from escaping into the room. Air flow continues through the internal plenum in the rear of the unit, up through a pre-filter and a HEPA filter, and finally exhausts back into the room, now free of dust.

Laminair Downdraft Unit
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The Mobile Downdraft Bench

Aircare’s Mobile Downdraft Bench can operate where and when it is needed within the laboratory, this product has proven itself in police laboratories where fine fingerprint powder is used.

The Mobile Downdraft Bench features a chemical resistant work surface beside a perforated steel grill which serves both as a second work surface and as the dust extraction inlet. Any airborne powder in the vicinity is suctioned through the grill and is captured by the pre-filter or the HEPA filter; the cleaned air is expelled from the front of the unit back into the lab. The HEPA filter is rated at 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

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Mobile Downdraft Bench
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