Wall Plenums

Wall Plenums

A wall plenum is a fume extraction unit, but unlike a fume hood or cupboard, there is no cabinet-like enclosure; rather these are generally wall-mounted, wedge-shaped units and extract fumes in a horizontal manner.

As all laboratories are different our wall plenums are custom-built for each customer. They can be used in laboratories or any industrial setting where fumes need to be extracted.

Each wall plenum has multiple elongated slot-type inlets. These inlets can be opened and closed to suit the conditions, and manual dampers in the ducting can also be used to enable or disable sections of the plenum.

The standard specification will include an exhaust fan and possibly a speed drive or inline dampers to adjust airflow as needed.

Please contact Aircare to discuss your space and how a wall plenum can be designed to fit your extraction requirements.

Download the product spec sheet above or contact us now to find out more about the Wall Plenums and their use in your situation.