Laminair® Fume Cabinet

Laminair® Fume Cabinet

The Laminair fume cabinet offers both protection against harsh chemicals for the user and keeps the working space within the cabinet sterile.

Utilising a laminar pattern, an integral blower fan supplies H14 HEPA filtered air above the work area, during the same time an exhaust fan collects any toxic fumes from the environment. This design enables the protection of the user and the whole process within the cabinet.

The Aircare Laminar Fume Cabinet includes the following features:

  • Electronically working single-phase blower fan for fine adjustments of laminar airflow
  • Complies with fume containment standards (ASNZS 2243.8)
  • Two internal LED lights
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Optional: packed wet bed scrubber for water-soluble fumes, secondary exhaust filtering for capturing particle hazards prior to discharging exhaust air, and ducted inlet connection

The Laminair Fume Cabinet is designed especially for laboratory environments and is a great option from Aircare.

Get in contact with Aircare if you would like to discuss the options we provide with the Laminair Fume Cabinet.

Laminair® Fume Cabinet
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