The Aircare team offers servicing for extraction equipment throughout Australia, with main centres in Victoria and New South Wales.

During the servicing and fitting of new equipment, Aircare professionals will explain the necessary information to staff and operators to ensure the fume extraction equipment is correctly used.

Our servicing teams are all IQP registered and have many years of experience in dealing with ASNZS2243.8 and ASNZS2243.9 standards.

At Aircare we do the following servicing options:

  • Fume cupboard installation and maintenance
  • Ducting and fan installations
  • Controller upgrades
  • Relocations, replacements, and retrofitting of lab extraction equipment
  • Energy system upgrades
  • Extraction fan maintenance
  • Fume scrubber repairs, cleaning, and maintenance
  • FC maintenance reports

Contact Aircare today if you need servicing of your fume extraction equipment.