Ecoair® (VAV) Fume Cupboard

Ecoair® (VAV) Fume Cupboards

Designed for the professional laboratory, Aircare’s EcoAir® Fume Cupboard provides proven fume extraction technology with innovative energy-saving features. EcoAir®, using a variable air volume (VAV) system, is available in a wide range of sizes and with options to suit the most demanding environments. The EcoAir® Fume Cupboard fully complies with AS/NZS 2243.8 (2014) standards

Shown on the right is one of many EcoAir® fume cupboards going into in a new building. This one has the available split sash. Also fitted with an optional EcoSash®, this fume cupboard’s Motion Sensor panel is visible above the sash.

An essential addition is our Ecosash®, a technology designed to improve safety and optimise energy use. This feature offers automatic sash lowering and minimal loss of conditioned air from the laboratory.

Ecoair® Fume Cupboards
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Why choose a variable air volume (VAV) system?

  • The cost of air conditioning or heating a laboratory increases as air is exhausted from the room through the fume cupboards.
  • A fixed volume fume cupboard exhausts the same total amount of air whether the sash is up or down because the fan speed is constant.
  • The lower the sash height, the less air needs to be exhausted through the fume cupboard to properly evacuate fumes and conform to safety standards.
  • So, if fan speed could be made variable – automatically reduced for lower sash heights:
    • Less air would be needlessly exhausted, and
    • The cost of replacing conditioned air would be reduced, and
    • The fan and wind noise at the fume cupboard would be reduced.

Further options for the Ecoair® Fume Cupboard

With the Ecoair® fume cupboard, optional features include Ecosash®, under bench systems, side-view glass windows, a water spray system, electrical, plumbing, and gas services, a scaffold system, and more.

Contact us to find out more about our Ecoair® fume cupboards, the VAV system, or the many specifications and features we can work with to build the ideal extraction system for your lab.

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Download the product spec sheet above or contact us now to find out more about the Ecoair® Fume Cupboard and its use in your lab.