Educare® (CAV) Fume Cupboard

Educare® (CAV) Fume Cupboards

Designed especially for secondary academic institutions, the Educare® Fume Cupboard offers an economical and practical choice for any customer wanting a constant air volume (CAV) fume cupboard that fits into a busy teaching environment. The Educare® model is built to the same high-quality standards as other Aircare fume cupboards.

Additionally, there are design options offered for the Educare® fume cupboard that can be useful both to schools and to other customers. The Educare® Fume Cupboard fully complies with AS/NZS 2243.8 (2014) standards.

There are three options available for those considering an Educare® (CAV) fume cupboard:

The first The double sided Educare® fume cupboard, fits into a wall penetration, permitting the set up of an experiment or process from another room, while the sash on the other side is locked closed.

At the proper time, the front sash can be opened, and the work can be begun or resumed by the person on this side of the fume cupboard. This unit is designed so only one sash can open at a time. Whether teacher and students, or employees with different tasks, Aircare’s double sided option is a great convenience.

The second This Educare® fume cupboard, installed along a wall, allows excellent viewing for observers because of its Side Windows feature.

The third This Educare® fume cupboard, is meant for a freestanding installation in the middle of a room, provides the ultimate in visibility. Even with several people working at the fume cupboard, the view is unimpeded for anyone else in the room.

Educare® Fume Cupboards
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